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Values and the Courage to support them

Values and the Courage to support them

At localad, we prioritize our Christian value system in every aspect of our operations. In line with our beliefs, we have made a conscious decision to refrain from using products and services offered by major tech corporations such as Google, Facebook (Meta), and YouTube. We recognize that these corporations often promote and disseminate content that can be contrary to Christian values, sometimes actively subverting and concealing items of faith.

Reasons for Our Stance:

  1. Preservation of Christian Values:
    • Many big tech companies have been known to promote ideologies and practices that conflict with Christian teachings. By avoiding their products, we aim to shield our community from such influences and maintain a space that aligns with our values.
  2. Data Privacy and Integrity:
    • We do not share data with, or allow access to our websites by, these corporations. This ensures that our users’ information is kept private and not exploited by entities that do not respect our values.
  3. Alternative Solutions:
    • We believe in supporting new and emerging companies that offer similar, if not superior, products and services. These alternatives often align more closely with our values and allow us to maintain the integrity of our faith-based operations.

Commitment to Our Community:

  • Video and Social Interaction:
    • We utilize alternative platforms for video sharing and social interaction. These platforms are selected based on their commitment to privacy, security, and alignment with our Christian values.
  • Faith-Centered Environment:
    • Our goal is to create and maintain an environment that supports and nurtures the faith of our community. By choosing to distance ourselves from major tech corporations, we take a stand against the anti-Christian sentiments they may propagate.

Taking on the Giants:

We are aware that this decision may seem like a challenge against some of the largest and most influential companies in the world. However, we feel empowered knowing that our actions are guided by our faith. With God’s support, we believe we can succeed in creating a safe, faith-centered digital environment for our community.

At Localad, we are committed to upholding our Christian values in everything we do, and we invite you to join us in supporting this mission. Together, we can foster a space that respects and promotes our faith, free from the influences of corporations that do not share our values.

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