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A small AC transformer typically converts a higher AC voltage to a lower AC voltage. In your case, the input is 120V AC, which is a common mains voltage. The three output wires could signify different voltage outputs or taps for specific voltage levels.

Based on the colors you provided (black, blue, and black), it’s likely that the two black wires could represent the ends of a winding, and the blue wire could be a center tap. Here’s a possible configuration:

  • Two Black Wires: These may represent the two ends of the secondary winding. If you measure the voltage between these two wires, you would likely find the full secondary voltage.
  • Blue Wire (Center Tap): The blue wire could be a center tap, providing half of the secondary voltage when measured against either of the black wires.

To confirm this configuration:

  1. Use a multimeter to measure the voltage between each black wire and the blue wire, as well as between the two black wires themselves.
  2. Compare the results to the expected secondary voltage.

Safety Note: Make sure the transformer is disconnected from power before testing or measuring resistance/continuity. Also, always handle mains voltage equipment with care and ensure all connections are insulated properly.

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